Quantum electrodynamics with qubits

Postdoc wanted !

In our laboratory (located at about 20 kms south of Paris) we design, fabricate and characterize electrical circuits based on Josephson junctions that behave as artificial atoms when cooled at millikelvin temperatures.

We are now seting up a circuit QED experiment  to observe the Quantum Zeno dynamics of an electomagnetic field in a 3D cavity, following an original idea from the S. Haroche's group in Paris [1]. The idea consist in growing a coherent field in the cavity while measuring one and only one particular photon number state (Fock state) using a transmon qubit strongly coupled to the field.

1 permanent physicists and 1 PhD students are already working on this project. We propose a one year contract (renewable) to a motivated post-doc having knowledge in atomic physics or quantum electrodynamics.

Our laboratory is equipped with cleanroom facilities for optical and electron-beam lithography. Equipment is also available for metal and insulator deposition and etching. The measurements are performed in dilution refrigerators with state of the art microwave equipment.

[1] J.M. Raimond et al., Phys. Rev. A, 86 (2012)

Please send your application including a CV to Denis Vion, Patrice Bertet, or Daniel Esteve

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