Josephson Quantum Bits

In our laboratory (located at about 20 kms south of Paris) we design, fabricate and characterize electrical circuits based on Josephson junctions (tunnel junctions between two superconducting electrodes) that behave as artificial atoms when cooled at millikelvin temperatures. The two lowest energy levels of these circuits can define a quantum bit (or qubit), and one of our goals is to use these circuits to implement an elementary quantum information processor [3].

We are now developing a new scalable architecture in which all qubit are driven and read through a single line, each of them being measured by a non-linear superconducting microwave resonator [1,2], while an additional resonator is used as a quantum bus to couple coherently the qubits. We also develop   circuit QED for  performing quantum physics experiments.

Two permanent physicists, two PhD students are already working on this project. We propose first a one year contract (renewable) to a motivated post-doc.

Our laboratory is equipped with cleanroom facilities for optical and electron-beam lithography. Equipment is also available for metal and insulator deposition and etching. The measurements are performed in dilution refrigerators with state of the art microwave equipment.

[1] F. Mallet et al., Nature physics 5, 791 (2009)
[2] A. Dewes et al.   Phys. Rev. Lett.   108, 057002 (2012)   arXiv:1109.6735
[3] A. Dewes et al. Phys. Rev. B 85, 140503 (2012)    arXiv:1110.5170

Please send your application including a CV to Denis Vion, Daniel Esteve and Patrice Bertet

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