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Contrats Européens du IRAMIS

Les dépêches Européennes de l'IRAMIS


P. Boulanger
Nanoscience throughout the European Research Area


I3 Ion Technology and Spectroscopy at Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities
Ion Trap Facility for Experiments with Highly-Charged Ions
European Network on Ion Track Technology
COST-Activities at CIRIL : Fragmentation of biomolecules
Rare Earth doped Nitrides for high Brightness Electroluminescent emitters


I3 (Integrated Infrastructure Initiative) for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy


Nanometer Scale Induced Structure Between Amorphous Layers and Crystalline Materials
Chemistry & physics for actinides

Groupe Informatique

Theory and calculations of electronic spectra


EUROpean research program for the PARTitioning of minor actinides and some long-lived fission products from high active wastes issuing the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels


European Molecular Imaging Laboratories
Safe production and use of nanomaterials
Chemistry & physics for actinides
European Free Electron Laser
European Coordinated Network of Laser Infrastructures
Tabletop Ultra-Intense XUV Sources. for Femto-biology and Related Applications
Attoseconds Pulses in Strong-lasers interactions
I3 Integrated European Laser Laboratories


Nanometer Scale Induced Structure Between Amorphous Layers and Crystalline Materials


Dynamics and statics of glasses and spin glasses: from aging to memory and equilibrium structures
Self-Organized Nanostructures.of Amphiphilic Copolymers
JL Pichard
Fundamentals of nanoelectronics
D. Estève
Quantum Entanglement in a Multi….
H. Chate
Starlings in flight: understanding patterns of animal group movements
A. Filoramo
Nucleic Acid Based Nanostructures
Rapid Single Flux Quantum control of Josephson junction Qubits

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Les dépêches Européennes de l'IRAMIS

Projet européen "CO2 Recycling"  



Thibault Cantat de l'IRAMIS/NIMBE au CEA a été porteur du projet Européen FP7-IDEAS-ERC "CO2 Recycling" (2013-2018) : Une approche diagonale pour recycler du CO2 en produits de la chimie fine. Lire l'article (13/11/2019) de la commission européenne sur ce projet : "Transformer le dioxyde de carbone en composés carbonés".

En développant des processus de conversion pour le recyclage du dioxyde de carbone en matière première, le projet "CO2 Recycling" ouvre la voie à une industrie chimique durable.

Thibault Cantat (CEA - IRAMIS/NIMBE) was the project leader of the FP7-IDEAS-ERC European project "CO2 Recycling" (2013-2018): A diagonal approach to CO2 recycling to fine chemicals. Read the article(13/11/2019) from the European Commission on this project: "Turning carbon dioxide waste into carbon building blocks".

By creating a conversion process for recycling carbon dioxide into feedstock, the "CO2 Recycling" project is paving the way towards a sustainable chemical industry.

L. Barbier, dépêche du 18/11/2019


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